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Wacom Inkling Pen

Well, this isn't a full out review of the inkling, because I've only had it a few days.  I had some trouble exporting from it on my old version of Adobe Suite, but I have CS4 at my office, and that seems to be working fine.

Here is a cartoon sketch using the inkling.

He's my evil Santa Claus.  I am still playing around with some exports from Illustrator.  I'm hoping to take him home and color him in Gimp.  More Santa Claus editing later.  I still think this turned out pretty neat.  When used on the right paper, the inkling does nice sketches.

I used it on trace paper today at work.  It wasn't as pleasant of a sketching experience.  Here are a few shots from today:

Auditorium Program A

Auditorium Program B

Auditorium Program C

Auditorium Program D

Overall, I'm happy with the pen so far.  I'm thinking it will be more useful for cartoon and blog sketches, but I could see it coming in handy at work as well.  It's definitely an easy way to get quick, casual presentation drawings out.


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