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70's colored love!

So, I've been drawing and sketching a lot more lately.  I have recently been fortunate enough to have a lot better setup as far as computers go... like.. a lot better.  I have Josh (the bf) to thank for the new set-up, so I thought I'd post a little sketch I did for him.

Here's the raw sketch on paper.

I pulled it into photoshop and lightened up the paper color, then I went to Illustrator to do a little live tracing. Here is just a quick color study, veeeery 1970's!

I plan on using the vector drawing in gimp and coloring it with the wacom, which may make an appearance soon.  All of this is really just to improve my computer illustration skills, which are in their infant phase currently.

Thanks for the new setup, Josh.  You rock! :D


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