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Creamy Potato Soup!

So, aside from drawing pumpkins last night, I was making soup.  I love fall and all the huge pots of soup that come with it!  I was lucky enough to be given a huge bag of kale by a co-worker, so I had to decide what to make with it.  Garlic and greens soup came to mind, but since the bf isn't too keen on "brothy" soups, I went with something more creamy!

Excuse the dark iphone photo and the general "goopy-ness" look of the soup, this is DELICIOUS!

I topped it off with some green onions and sriracha.  NOMS.

Here is a general ingredient list:

1 large sweet yellow onion --Chopped and sauteed in vegetable broth
Two heads of garlic --Roasted in the oven and then dropped in the soup 
Two large leeks --Chopped and sauteed in vegetable broth
1 large bag of kale --Sauteed in pot with onion and leeks
2 boxes low sodium vegetable broth --remainder poured in pot
4 lbs yukon gold potatoes --Rough chopped and put in pot
Unsweetened soymilk --Put in enough to cover potatoes
1 1/2 cups raw cashews --Soaked in soymilk 1 hr, then pureed with about half of the soup
1 Daiya Wedge --Chopped and added to soup close to finish

Blending the soup with the cashews gives it a creamy and chunky texture.  I added a lot of pepper and a little salt, and it was AMAZING.  I think this would be even better with a bunch of broccoli too!

This made a HUGE pot.  The bf and I both had bowls of it last night, and I would estimate at least 10 servings.  This definitely makes a nice and filling bowl to keep you warm this fall.

Additional topping ideas:

Home made croutons
Veggie Bacon
More vegan shredded cheese


**All recipes on the blog are vegan.  Although it's primarily a sketch blog, I believe that cooking is like art, and making up recipes feels like sketching!


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