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The queen of blades, Starcraft

Classy cake

Happy birthday, Dad!

I love Carrots

My computer at work has been a little slow lately, so while I wait for Revit to open, I drew a doodle of a carrot for you. He is very happy. Little doe she know... I'm going to eat him! I like carrots so much, I have one on my arm! If you want to hear about yoga and goddess bowl and other fun food stuff, head over to Vanishing Veggie !

Black Light Painting

At my yoga studio, we have Glow Yoga nights.  It's so much fun, and I felt very inspired.  Before the event, I came up with a tree pose painting to give my yoga instructor.  Coming to her studio almost every day has changed me in a very positive way, and I wanted to show my appreciation. Here was the set up, then I moved it to the studio to paint under the black light. Black light painting is a TON of fun! At Glow Yoga, we usually paint on ourselves before the class starts, so I brought another canvas and thought I would do a quick piece. I go to Barefoot Studio. So. Much. Fun. I think you will be seeing a few more black light pieces to come!

Vegan food on the move

I have created a new food blog for all things vegan in my life. Scribbly will remain strictly about sketches. Check out the new blog at

Greek art