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RGD: Tables are Turned

So, I'm a redditor, and sometimes I contribute to the subreddit  r/redditgetsdrawn.   I run a vegan food blog also, so I took one of the pictures from that and submitted it. I got a couple submissions, and they were great!  See the  original post. Here's the first one by  terribleatkaraoke . I think the likeness was captured for sure!  Look at that scary carrot!! The second submission was by  I_may_be_Dead .

RGD: Cat and Girl

RGD: Zombie Girl

I'm on Reddit quite a bit, and I often look over at the Reddit Gets Drawn sub.  I keep meaning to do sketches for here, but tonight I actually did.   Here is the original post.  Below is my re-creation. done on Paper, on the ipad

This Just In: Drunk Giraffe Tips Boat

So, I was recently in the hospital for something minor, and my boyfriend was trying to cheer me up.  We were watching CNN with the volume down low, and he kept making fun of the reporters.  He made up this elaborate story about a Giraffe tipping a boat over because he was drunk, but then we came to find out that he was poisoned by 3 evil Giraffes.  So, I drew this for him.

ARCH Post: Schematic Design Stuttgart

I'm going to give you a snap show of what was presented to a school district we are working on.  The client has already seen it and approved.  It's this kind of work that makes architecture REALLY fun and exciting.  This was one of the weirdest projects I've had to work on thus far, because we have to fit something in the context of these existing circular buildings that have barely any windows.  The idea is to bride across them and flood this space with light.  We're almost taking an airport concourse approach, because this will be a through way for the campus.  I'm not sure what the end result will be, but here are the first thoughts! Diagrammatic Sketches Schematic Plan Sketch Up Renderings How we usually work is to have a design charette with everyone that can join and hash out the form together, then a couple of us will finalize the plan in Revit.  Then, we take that and bring it into sketch up where we have a