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Evil Mermaid

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In order to keep everyone up to date on new paintings and possible outlets to purchase prints and pieces in the future, I started a Facebook page .  So, go over and give it a like, if you want.  :)

Barefoot Mural: Progress Sketches

I'm working hard to get my concept sketches together for the mural I'm working on.  I'm excited and nervous, because I've never done a wall mural before.  I turned in my proposal, so we'll see what happens!  (fingers crossed)

Mural Sketching

Arkansas Razorback Painting

I recently did a birthday painting for a close friend, who is also a huge Razorback fan.  I had a lot of fun doing the piece, and I hope to do a lot more.  I wonder to myself if anyone would actually be interested in these. I have been thinking a lot about opening up an etsy store.  I have been given an opportunity to display some work in Little Rock, and I'd like to have a location online where people could purchase pieces or prints if they wanted. So, I'll be working on that. Here's the Razorback process.