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Miyazaki from around the Net

My friend, Amber, is having a little girl in October, and her nursery theme is Studio Ghibli movies.  Her baby shower is this weekend, and I scoured the internet looking for Miyazaki themed pieces of art.  None of these are my original art work.  I took several images I found, vectorized them in Adobe Illustrator and played with them a little bit.  Enjoy.


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During the first few weeks of the pandemic, I lost my ability to focus on books .  Slowly, as this life has become routine and the fearful news scrolling has been contained to a few minutes a day, I have gone back to books.  So, when trying to decide what to read, I was inspired by a recommendation from the Reading Glasses Podcast .  In times of crisis, we look to things in the past that may be similar to what we are experiencing, hoping to learn something or find solace in the struggle of the generations before us.  The Ghost Map  is the story of how cholera ripped through a large swath of London in the 1800's, but it is also how politics and pseudo-science threatened to destroy the lives of thousands of people.  It follows the gripping tale of a doctor searching for the source of cholera transmission, even as he was ridiculed and dissuaded by his contemporaries.  It's also a tale of urban planning and how systemic poverty and classism manifested in architecture that created a