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Showing posts from December, 2013

Peacock Painting

Last week, one of my best friends turned 30.  To celebrate, we headed to New Orleans and did it up right.  I have been preparing for it for months, and this little painting was part of it. I got online and looked up a bunch of inspirational images on Pinterest . Progress shots! I've been doing a lot of paintings like this, where I will sketch out in pencil first, then sharpie, then paint. The birthday girl was very happy!

Puppy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving this year was full of puppies!  My parents have two dogs, and my sister has two.  Here are some fun shots of them around the house.  They're cuties. This is Brady.  He's a grump, but he loves Josh.  He will sit with him any chance he gets. This is Bota.  He's a big fan of the camera. This is Prudence.  She's the babe, and she's very pretty.