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Mom and the Bean Stalk

So, I may have inadvertently started a bean field in my back yard.

The first week of self isolation at our house was blessed with beautiful weather.  I was scared and tired and trying to find ways to keep the girls entertained, so I had the brilliant idea of bringing out the kids' sensory boxes and water beads.  Our sensory boxes are filled with dried beans and bird seed, and try as I might, the older one doesn't play in the box so much as dumps it out all over the ground.

In the past, we've played with this out in the driveway, and after I scoop back up most of the beans and seeds, the squirrels make short work of the rest.  Well, the last time we played with them was in our back yard, where the previous owners had a concrete pad for their hot tub.  For us, it's just a water table chalk sensory box pad, and after my older child dumped the beans and seeds everywhere, I just kind of....left it all there.

I mean, I made an effort to clean some of it up, really just so I wouldn't have to order more bird seed, and the baby, cats, and I had fun every morning watching the squirrel brunch that was happening in the back yard.  Today, though, I looked outside and noticed that some of the beans had sprouted.  Now, we have a massive patch next to the concrete pad full of bean shoots.

I'm not really sure how I want to handle this.  On the one hand, I've been lamenting that I can't find any seeds to get my garden started in the back yard.  When I say, "get my garden started," I mean we've lived in this house for three years and I've planted one tomato plant and one bunch of cilantro, both went to seed after a month because Texas summers are hotter than the surface of the sun and I'm lazy.  We're home for the foreseeable future, though, and I want a garden.  I just didn't picture it like this.

My inclination is to leave this bean garden.  I may even get some food out of it.  My older daughter has been "watering the lawn" most days, and I guess all her hard work has paid off.  Maybe a huge stalk will grow into the sky, and we can all escape this pandemic into a magical world of giants.  Or maybe it will be a good learning experience for my kids that if you don't pick up the massive pile of seeds on the ground, then water them repeatedly, nature takes over.


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