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Pillow Architecture

I think my daughter is trying to self isolate from us.

As I've mentioned, she's three and a half, and the more time we spend at home the more she tries to get away from us.  About a week ago, I was working at the kitchen table and noticed that she was moving from room to room in the house collecting pillows.  She pulled every pillow off my bed, the guest bed, and her bed, then she assembled the massive pile around our living room couch and came to ask me a question.

"Can you build me a house out of pillows?"

I got up from my desk, threw a glance at her sister (happily chewing a ball in her play area), and got to work.

"Ok, do you want windows? Skylights?" I asked her, moving into full architect mode.

I surveyed the amount of pillows, plus the geometry of the couch and our end table, and I built her a massive pillow house, complete with a cat door.  The pillow house lasted until bedtime, when everyone needed their pillows back, but I rebuilt it the next day... and the next day...and the next day.

Eventually she tired of the pillow house and moved on to asking for her tent over her bed.  We have a little tent arc that goes around the top of her bed, and she has slept in that tent nightly.  I think in a situation where she's around her family every hour of the day, she's yearning for some alone time.

I feel ya, kid.  This pandemic has been hard for my mental state because I'm almost never alone.  I may get a little time after the kids go to bed, but since my husband and I have to divide and conquer all day, we do spend some time together most nights.  After a few of those nights, though, I need a night where I'm alone in our room journaling, stretching, and meditating.  Sometimes I get in the bath and just stare at the wall, but that time by myself is needed and sacred.  Maybe my daughter just needs the same thing.  I'd love a week alone in a cabin when this is all over, but maybe for now I can just build one out of pillows and hide for a bit.


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