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Quarantine Creativity

During our first month in quarantine, I stepped into the garage to drop off a paper bag filled with recycling and noticed the stacks of boxes piling up in the corner.

"Hm..." I thought.  "I should make a robot."

When my daughter woke up, I had her select a box, then we proceeded to cut out eyes and a mouth, adhere parchment paper behind the eye holes, and cover the entire box with cut out pieces of scrap paper bags.  Then, in typical Child A fashion, we painted the whole thing purple.

The robot's previous life was as a diaper box, so when she (the robot is a girl, my daughter is obsessed with gender) is upright, we are able to open the "doors" on her side to insert lights, stuffed animals, whatever my three year old wants.  She feeds magnet blocks and pieces of paper and random toy detritus into the slot mouth, and she talks to her robot constantly.  It was a nice out-of-the-norm moment for my squish that I hope she remembers over all the times mommy has seemed worried over the past month.

I'm constantly being reminded that in times of strife, humans turn to creativity as a way to channel fear and anxiety into beauty.  Scrolling through my Facebook feed last Saturday morning before pulling myself out of bed, I stumbled upon a magnificent photo shoot a friend had done with his kids.  Now, this was no ordinary photo shoot.  My friend had cut his hair a-la Joe Exotic, then he dressed his little girls up like tigers.  It was the best thing I'd seen in months, and the belly laughs that came from scrolling through these photos brought me such joy.  That is the power of art and creativity.  It can transport you from a trying situation into a moment of pure happiness.

I could wax poetically about the value of art and making things and how that is good for the human spirit and yourself and everyone around you, but I'll just let the master do it best.

All I would say is that if you like making things, then make them.  Share them with your friends.  We can all use a little levity right now.


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