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Reader's Block

I'm a huge reader.  I set my Goodreads goal every year for 60+ books, and I usually surpass it in a mixture of ebooks, audiobooks, and comics.  I've always loved to read, but since the birth of my first daughter, curling up on the couch at the end of the night with my Kindle and a blanket is my preferred release from the stress of the day.  So, when I tell you that this global pandemic has put me off books, that is a big deal in my world.

Night after night, I now come to bed hoping to curl into a book and relax, but more often than not I'm just scrolling through news stories.  The one thing that has filled the void left by books, for me, is podcasts.  I had a decent rotation of hosts I was invested in before coronavirus, and it's been fascinating to see those individuals now provide their content through the lens of a rapidly changing world.  They are recording at home, and their co-hosts are as well, so they're figuring things out and supporting their communities as best they can.

The week before my phone broke, Josh emerged from his office after taking a slew of afternoon calls to find me hunched over my laptop next to the pack-n-play, and he said it was time to get outside.  I left him to man the house and put in my ear buds, and the new podcast Here for You, created by the ladies from Forever35, soothed me as I made loops around the neighborhood.  This podcast was created during the pandemic to be a break from the news, the worry, the work of being at home, and it's not the only one.  Podcasters are creating new content to help everyone deal, and it's delightful.

While I was phone free last week, I reached for my Kindle at night, and after dumping a book I was 300 pages into because it just wasn't possible for me to continue reading it in this climate, I opened a new book by a beloved author and began reading.  I don't have the same fervor I normally hold for books, but I'm slowly getting back into fiction.  Every day this situation takes on a new sense of normalcy, so eventually I know that the things that bring me comfort will become staples in my life again. 


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