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When Your Kids Sleep

Full Disclosure:  I wrote this smug poem in the bathtub during the pre-pandemic times, during a particularly long run of nights where the kids slept great.  I'm posting it today extremely tired because our teething one year old things 2 am is the perfect time to party.  So, enjoy my idiot self trying to enjoy a bath and laugh at me as I sleep walk through the morning.

When your kids sleep
You can conquer the night
Lazy on the couch
Amid a sea of toys

You can binge watch dramas
Laugh at late night
You can once again be the person
Who reads books

Surrounded by bubbles
In a steaming hot tub
Damp Kindle between your fingers
You can sigh in bliss

It's 9:30 pm
And you will be up first
Before the sun
Before the snoozing baby 
And the toddler snuggled deep
In a pile of stuffed animals

When your kids sleep
You can stay up late
And enjoy the night
But sometimes, most nights
You can slip into your sheets
At a quarter to ten
And know you have so much time
To sleep


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