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Summering in the Slush

 Whew, what a few months.

My family and I remain tightly in our quarantine bubble while the world rages around us.  There are so many amazing things happening (Black Lives Matter movement and Social Justice reform, ever more urgent discourse on climate change, recognition that without teachers our world would grind to a halt) and some horrific things (I mean, do I have to name them all....?), but it all became a little too much for my anxiety riddled brain to handle, let alone comment on.

So, I did what I usually do in times of stress.  I buried my head in the literary sand.  This time, instead of just voraciously consuming books, I actually sat down to write quite a few short stories this summer.  I also polished off a lot of pieces from the past few years and hit the slush pile.  

Newly shiny drafts of horror, light sci-fi, and urban fantasy in hand, I've been scouring the internet and twitter for places to submit my work while looking ahead to what else may be on the horizon.  Adding the pressure of actually producing anything during the pandemic may seem insane to some, but creating things is usually the only thing that helps ground me in tough times.  I think it's a manic overachieving side to my personality, but I'm going to lean into it.

I'd love to say that my work has been accepted and you can look forward to reading some pieces at --insert any notable horror/SFF publication here -- but as of yet I'm still working on that part.  I anticipate a lot of rejection before I see any glimmer of hope, and that's totally ok.  Just focusing on something other than the state of the world is good enough for me for the time being.  I did submit a flash story to the North Texas Business Council for the Arts literary contest and won first place for fiction.  This is my third year winning in that category, so I'm pretty proud.  I'll post a link to the literary book when they have it up.

I want to come back to blogging more regularly, although for the past few months I didn't have anything to say except, "OH MY GOD WHY ARE PEOPLE OUT DOING THINGS IN THE WORLD?!" So, I'll try to keep that to a minimum.  I know everyone has their own level of risk management, and mine is hovering around hiding under the bed forever and wearing a hazmat suit when I leave the house.  For now, I will continue to hunker down with my family and be grateful that I have the ability to do that.


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