Short Fiction

"The Loop" in Dark Matter Magazine (January 2023)

"8W2D" in Hell Hath Only Fury (October 2022)

"Picnic Lunch for Two Lost Hikers" in Deathcap and Hemlock (July 2022)

"The Beginning of the End of the World" in Horror Tree Drabble Showcase Forthcoming

"Over My Bones" in Apex Magazine's Newsletter - July Microfiction Winner 

"On This Day, and All Days, I Think About What I Have Lost" in Reckoning  (October 2022)

"Old Woman of Willow Woods" in Short Horror Stories (Shacklebound Books) Forthcoming

"The Best Way to Procure Breakfast" in Zooscape (August 2022)

"A Burning Hole in the Sky" in Planetside (Shacklebound Books) Forthcoming

"Drea's Sparkly Pink Kaboodle" in Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters (October 2022)

"Waiting for a Whisper" in Drabbledark II (June 2022)

"Siren of the Sand Bar" in Drabbledark II (June 2022)

"From Her Pain Came Terrible Laughter" in Wyrms (Shacklebound Books) (June 2022)

"The Lady of Meadowcroft Rock" in Myths Subverted (May 2022)

"The Concert Cave" on Tales to Terrify (February 2022)

"The Jangly Man" on Trembling with Fear (January 2022)